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( Jul. 25th, 2007 05:36 am)
I go to sleep at about 1:30 AM...

Only to get woken up by DeAnna coming to bed at roughly 3. Can't get to sleep, after that, so I push out my Shining Force EXA review after three months of sitting on it. On a lark, I check my bank balance.

07/24/2007 EBAY INC. PAYMENTS XXXXX5717         -$12.84         ($12.79)

Just like every other time I've put an auction up using their goddamned website, Ebay has chosen the most INOPPORTUNE TIME AVAILABLE - mere DAYS before my paycheck - to withdraw its goddamn blood-from-a-stone fee. I had five fucking cents in my account. WHAT THE FUCK WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO!?

Naturally, like every time I overdraft, I have to ask my mom for help to cover for damages. Doing such causes her to get into one of her passive-agressive grumpfits where she not-so-subtly mentions that this is the last of her emergency fund, and that she really has no more money to give me... and then refuses to take the goddamn money back when I tell her I didn't realize and the family as a whole is more important than me.

Now I'm gonna get less than five hours sleep before work, and have to bike two miles uphill in 100+ degree weather to get there.

Happy motherfucking birthday to me. :|