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Twilight Sparkle
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(Journals I want to make but haven't, yet)
Alphys (Near-Genocide AU)
Rasmussen (FFTA2 OC)
So, in thinking about what makes Alice tick, I started looking through supplemental material on the Touhou Wiki and I came across a few things I hadn't noticed before, and saw a few connections I... wouldn't have, on my own. As of such, I'm putting them here for my own records, and to share with others.

cut for tl;dr and triggers of death, murder, and fictional suicide )
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( Jul. 15th, 2012 05:16 pm)
So. It's pretty damn clear by now that Wigglytuff isn't working for me, and I'm probably going to drop him from the game as soon as I finish this post (and possibly finish dinner). However, I love the concept of the game, and WANT to play in it.

Which leaves me wondering who I could app as his replacement. Got a few thoughts on the matter, and I'm gonna brainstorm below. (Probably gonna link this on Plurk, too, for the people I RP with to give their opinions.)

Beat (The World Ends With You): Originally my first choice for Wiggly's replacement, I've put him through a test drive at Ink City and... well. It's kind of a weird case. The character is there, the muse is there... but the voice is screwy. I keep catching myself having to change words in tags, I can't really THINK like he speaks, and word choice screws me up. He's still gonna stick around IC, but I think having him in two games might be a little much.

Twilight Sparkle (MLP: FiM): The absolute flip-side of the coin. The voice is strong, but I've been self-doubting myself ever since the whole anti-formers soapboxing incident. Konran could be what I need to solidify the muse again... but it could also totally wreck my enthusiasm for playing her altogether. I'm also not sure how she'd deal with the setting; she hates things she can't explain and has enough problems with that in IC. Maybe I just want this for the thought of seeing HER try to psychoanalyze the NPC doctors instead of the other way around.

Princess Luna (MLP: FiM): We aren't quite certain that there is enough chronicled knowledge on this pony, but we appear to have gotten her voice loud and clear. Alas, we fear that her manner of speech may... cause others to dislike her and forsake her. As well, there is the messy business of thinking up a user name and gathering icons.

Yukari Yakumo (Touhou Project): My strongest Touhou muse, and the one I'm thinking about sending to [community profile] itsjustagamerp. However, one must be careful with the settings she's put in; I don't think, given the headcanon I have for her, she would particularly enjoy the thought of being a human after so many years, and she CERTAINLY won't be fond of the depowering. It MAY just be enough to cause her to go silent.

Sakuya Izayoi (Touhou Project): One of my ancient muses from the days I originally played Wigglytuff. Despite the muse's interest in going somewhere, there's two problems. One, I'm not sure she won't do the same thing as Wigglytuff did and be active just long enough for me to get in the door and immediately die off, and two, she's so headcanoned and alt-interpreted (She actually EMOTES! what is this witchcraft) that she might as well be AU.

Others: I'd give an Archie Sonic muse a try, but that would involve hunting down the last three or so years of the comic to canon review, since I've been out of the fandom THAT LONG. I have a budding (hah, floral puns) PMD:E Grovyle muse, but after how Wigglytuff flopped, I don't want to dip into the same fandom twice. I could try another Touhou, but very few of them really 'click' with me, and Remilia kinda fell into the same trap in Ink City that Sakuya would've - I hardly feel like I'm playing her right, but nobody in the game could tell me since I was all but literally the lone canon warrior.
Okay. Waluigi Elephant in the room time.

I know a lot of people - LJRPers, predominantly, but also some normal rank and file peeps - are foaming at the mouth regarding LJ's ASTOUNDING customer service recently. For those not in the know, LiveJournal has made a "minor edit" to how cookies work "in order to prevent automated spambots"... which, coincidentally, has completely FUBAR'd how the user-made LJLogin plugin for Firefox (and by proxy Google Chrome's LJJuggler plugin) work. Their response to the massive outcry on this? "Ain't gonna fix it, how about we give you a new feature for it!"

This resulted in even more outcry of "HOW ABOUT YOU DON'T FUCKING FIX WHAT ISN'T BROKEN", as LJ's tech staff is near-infamous for bringing around new "features" that cripple their servers for spans of a month or more, or that cause Russian DDOS attacks, or all sorts of fun things.

Now, I find it a minor inconvenience at most. There are others out there, folks with millions upon millions of LJRP accounts (Only very slightly exaggerating) who are having heart palpatiations at it. I've heard actual friends, as a matter of fact, propose that 1) "they just give up on RPing" (which I really think is making a minor situation out to be a life-ending ordeal, but again, I don't know how things are in THEIR shoes) and 2) cancel their paid account over it.

That second one gets me. Now, hear me out. I am all for boycotting LJ and their pants-on-head Customer Relations staff. I myself have not given a PENNY to this site, and I've been on it for more than ten years. On the other hand? LJ doesn't do "partial refunds" or any shit like that. If you cancel a paid account, or roll it back into a lesser account, what you're doing is essentially throwing away money. Worse yet, you're LETTING LIVEJOURNAL KEEP IT WITHOUT GIVING YOU ANYTHING IN RETURN.


To put it in the words of a much wiser man, "Hey. Cut it out."
(3:26:10 AM) [ profile] swordianmaster: BUT YES BASICALLY KANTO HAS FALLEN APART
(3:26:51 AM) [ profile] xyzzysqrl: This place needs the strong dictatorial hand-wing of Lou Gia. I must conquer this land. It is my ambition.
(3:28:59 AM) [ profile] swordianmaster: The grinding is a bit obnoxious! But really, the game loses all its narrative.
(3:29:13 AM) [ profile] swordianmaster: However, what is there suggests things that would lend to interesting fanfic.
(3:29:33 AM) [ profile] xyzzysqrl: Well, that's okay then.
(3:30:26 AM) [ profile] swordianmaster: I like the mentality that, since Red was crowned champion at the end of the first gen and Team Rocket was (supposedly) disbanded, a few things happened.
(3:30:54 AM) [ profile] swordianmaster: One, the eighth gym needed a leader. Rival Character/Gary/Blue/whatev stepped in. This much is canon.
(3:31:25 AM) [ profile] xyzzysqrl: There's also Koga, who somehow irritated his way into the Elite Four and dumped a teenage girl who appears to be related to him in his old gym.
(3:31:33 AM) [ profile] swordianmaster: She's his daughter.
(3:32:03 AM) [ profile] xyzzysqrl: Allegedly. *cross arms* She may be a robot he built when he realized he was a -terrible person and no one would go near him-.
(3:32:08 AM) [ profile] xyzzysqrl: ...I hate Koga.
(3:32:10 AM) [ profile] swordianmaster: Point.
(3:32:29 AM) [ profile] swordianmaster: Thing is? They never say what happens to a champion who beats the old champion.
(3:32:39 AM) [ profile] swordianmaster: And yet, Lance is there as if nothing happened in Gen 1.
(3:34:10 AM) [ profile] xyzzysqrl: I'm pretty sure either Main Character G1 Version stepped down to go on a cave-finding mission, or Lance just finally beat him again, so he went off to grind forever.
(3:34:20 AM) [ profile] swordianmaster: (Gen4 suggests that the new Champ takes over for the old one, but since Dawn still had things to do - ie the Sinnoh Pokedex - and was too young still, Cynthia held the seat pro-tempore)
(3:34:23 AM) [ profile] swordianmaster: And...
(3:34:28 AM) [ profile] swordianmaster: I go with that. Kind of.
(3:34:31 AM) [ profile] swordianmaster: My speculation, as of such, ties into the very minimal RBY post-game.
(3:35:33 AM) [ profile] swordianmaster: Red found Mewtwo. Something about that encounter broke him enough that he just... disappeared. He hadn't been very social to begin with, being that he was the archetype for Ash - someone who invariably found more friendship in pokemon than in other humans - but now he had no reason to be social at /all/.
(3:36:54 AM) [ profile] xyzzysqrl: So he's not so much training as he's been thrusting his fists at the air and going "SCIENCE! BAH!" for the last two/three years.
(3:37:24 AM) [ profile] swordianmaster: Not really training. Just. Existing. Hermits don't train, after all.
(3:37:58 AM) [ profile] swordianmaster: Lance stepped in, naturally, to take back over. However, between Lance busying himself in Johto with Neo Team Rocket and Red gone - and the E4, it should be noted, being total douchebag jerkoffs - Kanto fell into ABSOLUTE shit. The one person who was powerful enough to make a difference AND gave a damn, Blue, did what he could, but ultimately couldn't do the whole job himself.
(3:38:47 AM) [ profile] xyzzysqrl: So basically the whole thing is falling apart because the infrastructure fell in thanks to rampant pokemon battling.
(3:40:12 AM) [ profile] swordianmaster: Yes.
(3:40:22 AM) [ profile] swordianmaster: And Mew is sitting on the sidelines with that memetic Light Yagami face.

(Before anyone asks, yes, it is meant as a background story. Meg, Jess, Mii, yes, it IS Wise One, if she was never allowed back. And before anyone says anything, yes, I have been fucked up in the braincage the past day or two.)
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( Mar. 31st, 2011 04:49 am)

My Little Pony

[personal profile] ensembledarkhorse/[personal profile] noxequus
Princess Luna
Canon Point: Post-Season 3

Formerly played at [community profile] konran
Currently played at [community profile] mylittlejamjar (retains former CR)

Muse Strength: ■■■■□

[personal profile] sweetasabelle
Sweetie Belle
Canon point: After "One Bad Apple"

Muse Strength: ■■■□□

[personal profile] friendship_reporter/[ profile] ink_magic
Twilight Sparkle
Canon point: Post-Season 2, including IDW canon

Formerly played at [community profile] ink_city (Will retain former CR in museboxes/new games)
Muse Strength: ■■■■■

[personal profile] gypsy_portals
Pinkie Pie
Friendship is Witchcraft AU, Canon point: After "Cherry Bomb"

Formerly played at [community profile] wonderfulworlds
Muse Strength: ■□□□□

[personal profile] sentient_biological_pony
Sweetie Bot
Friendship is Witchcraft AU, Canon point: After "Neigh Soul Sister"

Muse Strength: ■■□□□

[personal profile] 1000hrs_spacecamp
Princess "Luna"
Friendship is Witchcraft AU, Canon point: After "Lunar Slander"

Muse Strength: ■□□□□

[personal profile] stormbroken
Flare Star
Fandom OC, Canon point: After Season 1 (and the Pony 4E game)

Currently played at [community profile] mylittlejamjar
Muse Strength: ■■■■□

[personal profile] pseudacteon_emigre
Fandom OC, Canon point: After the Return of Chrysalis arc in the IDW canon

Currently played at [community profile] mylittlejamjar
Muse Strength: ■■■■■

[personal profile] hippotrophic_oath
Nurse Redheart
Unspecified canon point

Muse Strength: ■■□□□


[personal profile] meng_huan_myuu
Berri the Mew
Nuzlocke-styled AU

Formerly played at [community profile] ink_city
Formerly played at [community profile] wethelost (with former CR)

Muse Strength: ■■□□□

[personal profile] juuichi_yosamu
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers, Canon point: At the end of Special Episode 5

Formerly played at [community profile] wonderfulworlds
Muse Strength: ■□□□□

[personal profile] perfect_apples
Guildmaster Wigglytuff
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers, Canon point: Post-game

Formerly played at [community profile] konran
Muse Strength: ■□□□□

[personal profile] immortal_pain
Immortal's Reign AU

Muse Strength: ■■■□□

[personal profile] sword_resonance / [personal profile] resonant_secret
Kyouhei Zahkar/Keldeo
Immortal's Reign AU

Muse Strength: ■■■□□

[personal profile] pikatsun
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, Canon point: Postgame

Muse Strength: ■□□□□

[personal profile] champion_forme
Pokémon Platinum Bad End AU

Muse Strength: ■□□□□


[personal profile] danmakuboundary/[personal profile] phantasmgap
Yukari Yakumo
Canon point: After Subterranean Animism (TH11)

Formerly played at [community profile] luceti, [community profile] dramadramaduck and [community profile] itsjustagamerp
Muse Strength: ■■■□□

[personal profile] judgement_in_monochrome
Shikieiki Yamaxanadu
Canon Point: After Phantasmagoria of Flower View (TH09)

Muse Strength: ■■□□□

[personal profile] red_the_nightless_castle
Remilia Scarlet
Canon Point: After Hisoutensoku (TH12.3)

Formerly part of [community profile] ink_city
Muse Strength: ■■□□□

[personal profile] floweringbelladonna
Sakuya Izayoi
AU, After Imperishable Night (TH08)

Muse Strength: ■■■■□

[personal profile] damagedtwigs
Flandre Scarlet
Canon Point: After Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (TH06)

Muse Strength: ■■□□□

[personal profile] spirit_of_brass
Merlin Prismriver
Canon Point: After Phantasmagoria of Flower View (TH09)

Muse Strength: ■■□□□

[personal profile] merry_dreamer
Maribel Hearn
Canon Point: Unspecified

Muse Strength: ■■■□□

[personal profile] puppetmaestra
Alice Margatroid
Canon Point: After Subterranean Animism (TH11)

Muse Strength: ■■□□□

Assorted Canons

[personal profile] mirage_diver
Locke Cole
Final Fantasy VI
Canon point: After Phoenix Cave

Formerly played at [community profile] witchesreign
Currently played at [community profile] danganroleplay
Muse Strength: ■■□□□

[personal profile] broken_window
Yume Nikki
Unspecified canon point

Muse Strength: ■■■□□

[personal profile] the_beat_is_on
Daisukenojo "Beat" Bito
The World Ends With You
Canon point: Post-Game

Formerly played at [community profile] ink_city
Muse Strength: ■□□□□

[personal profile] cross_of_the_rose
Rosa Christopher
Gundemonium Trilogy

Formerly played at [community profile] witchesreign
Muse Strength: ■■■□□

[personal profile] contract_high
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Canon point: Immediately before Madoka's wish

Formerly played at [community profile] ink_city
Muse Strength: ■■■■□

[personal profile] trollingoftheshrew
Lady Surka, Warrior Shrew
Canon point: Some unspecified time before Nurk

Formerly played at [community profile] ink_city
Muse Strength: ■■■■□

[personal profile] mustfightemourges
Neku Sakuraba
The World Ends With You
Another Day AU, Canon Point: post-game

Muse Strength: ■■□□□

[personal profile] tiamat_shot
Emias Oaks
Final Fantasy Tactics A2 OC

Currently played at [community profile] witchesreign
Muse Strength: ■■■□□

[personal profile] cursedcharms
Rune Factory 3

Muse Strength: ■■□□□

[personal profile] hookedonphoeniks
Peter the Phoenix
Shining Force II

Muse Strength: ■■■□□

[personal profile] pointedlove
Sable Able
Animal Crossing

Muse Strength: ■■■□□

[personal profile] gearchanges
Dr. Miles Davis Prower
Sonic the Hedgehog, Changes Are No Good AU

Muse Strength: ■□□□□

[personal profile] eternalchiaroscuro
Mikage Souji
Revolutionary Girl Utena

Muse Strength: ■■□□□

[personal profile] bargainbunny
Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
Canon point: Post-game

Muse Strength: ■■□□□

[personal profile] shslbetterthanyou
Kamukura Izuru
Super Dangan Ronpa 2

Muse Strength: ■■■■□

Crack/Musebox ONLY Journals

[personal profile] uncannyvalley
Brokeloid Miku Hatsune
General Vocaloid AU

Rarely played at [community profile] vocaloidressing

[personal profile] yatteredglass
Transformers: Shattered Glass

Formerly played at [community profile] ink_city

[personal profile] aquatic_judgement
Sonic Adventure

[personal profile] nowimradioactive
DOOM: Knee Deep In The Dead! (Comic)

[personal profile] raving_nightingale
Nameless Toriningen
Yume Nikki

[personal profile] wild_missingno_appeared
Let's Break Pokemon Blue

[personal profile] ratherboggyandsad
Winnie The Pooh

[personal profile] goingbubsy
Bubsy the BobcatSonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog (Wreck-It Ralph styled AU)

[personal profile] yawarakai_te
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers AU

[personal profile] axew_rose
Rosa Christopher
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity AU

[personal profile] mr_pickypants
Angel Bunny
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

[personal profile] love_is_lasagna
ShakespeareHemmingway fanfiction

[personal profile] unloser
Unlosing Ranger
Zettai Hero Project