So. Those who don't follow ponies, feel free to disregard this.

For those who aren't caught up to recent episodes, the latest episode had Derpy Hooves - actually referred to in-script as 'Derpy', at that - have spoken dialogue.

I have heard now more than one person arguing that the slightly dim, low-voiced mare is "mocking people with developmental disorders", such as Downs Syndrome.

Because nobody can be different without being a victim. And because learning disabilities are TOTALLY symptomized by being fucking wall-eyed. And Tabitha St. Germain confused her for a male, has admitted such, and patterned her after a sleepy - but perfectly healthy - boy, the son of a neighbor.

But, well. I'll just repost what I said on AIM at this point.

(3:37:15 PM) [personal profile] swordianmaster: ...
(3:37:23 PM) [personal profile] swordianmaster: Seriously, what?
(3:37:25 PM) [personal profile] swordianmaster: Fuck.
(3:37:36 PM) [personal profile] swordianmaster: The what, by the way, not towards the trivia
(3:37:44 PM) [personal profile] swordianmaster: but towards the fact that people are getting upset about that.
(3:37:51 PM) [personal profile] swordianmaster: Some women HAVE deeper, lower voices!
(3:37:58 PM) [personal profile] swordianmaster: Hell, my mom's one of them!


(3:39:52 PM) [personal profile] swordianmaster: But yeah.
(3:40:11 PM) [personal profile] swordianmaster: It's a dumb argument and... heh. If I wanted to be a total troll, it'd be a self-defeating argument too.
(3:40:20 PM) [personal profile] swordianmaster: Because all you need to say to win that one?
(3:40:41 PM) [personal profile] swordianmaster: "Sometimes you don't need a developmental disability to be completely fucking retarded. QED."
swordianmaster: the crudest drawing of a sword imaginable (PERFECT ORBIT MY ASS)
( Dec. 23rd, 2011 11:35 am)

I have a Dreamwidth account now, same username as this one. Whether or not I actually use it entirely depends on whether or not LJ fixes its problems. Disavowing any knowledge of turning on automatic payments on a huge swath of your paid accounts when you could HONESTLY say "yeah, glitch in the system, we'll work on that, guys"? No. Just... no.

If they don't fix their tune soon, I expect a lot of my friends will be jumping ship, and so too will I go. Despite being here for over ten years. Shit, man.

In the meantime; anyone have a DW account for me to friend? My 'read' page is so woefully empty.
Copypastaing AIM log. I'm not going to write this again.

(8:50:59 PM) Bahamut725: Let me paint you the scenario. We have very little food - we're down to ramen, pretty much, and that's -it- - and DeAnna's check, clearing at midnight... is exactly enough to keep our bills paid. Verizon wants $213, we're getting $215 because of whatever state milking her for child support.
(8:51:45 PM) Bahamut725: I get woken up, five minutes ago, to DeAnna arguing with her father because "I'm hungry. I need cigarettes. And Pepsi."
(8:51:50 PM) Bahamut725: Like a petulant five year old.
(8:52:20 PM) Bahamut725: Getting whiny and pissy because we weren't able to go to a PAWN SHOP today to try to get money. With things we don;t have available to pawn. On a Sunday, when pawn shops are closed.
(8:53:09 PM) [ profile] bossgoji: (because clearly, throwing away your actual worthwhile possessions to get cigarettes is a smart decision)
(8:53:10 PM) Bahamut725: And I know the minute that DeAnna gets her paycheck, she is going to let this man walk all over her, because she thinks a corporation will be more lenient and understanding than him.
(8:54:04 PM) Bahamut725: In his world?
(8:54:15 PM) Bahamut725: Cigarettes > his needs > everything else in existance
(8:54:32 PM) [ profile] bossgoji: Such is the way of an addict.
(8:54:41 PM) Bahamut725: If we had to murder someone, or rob a bank? His reply would be "about fuckin' time".
(8:55:10 PM) [ profile] bossgoji: Nothing really matters to them except their next fix, honestly. I've seen it way too often, so believe me, sympathy is there.
(8:55:38 PM) Bahamut725: He's an addict who is currently OUR SOURCE OF INCOME, though.
(8:55:50 PM) Bahamut725: So any intervention is going to invariably shoot us in the foot.
(8:56:06 PM) Bahamut725: (As opposed to the more longterm of the foot slowly rotting off and dying.)

Long story short: we have no food, barely enough money to get food IF we manage to somehow beg Verizon for every bit of lenience they can give - hahahahahhahah funny joke - and my father-in-law is begging us to throw shit away on cigarettes and Pepsi.

only reason i haven't started shooting people is because i don't have a gun, jfc.
Okay. Waluigi Elephant in the room time.

I know a lot of people - LJRPers, predominantly, but also some normal rank and file peeps - are foaming at the mouth regarding LJ's ASTOUNDING customer service recently. For those not in the know, LiveJournal has made a "minor edit" to how cookies work "in order to prevent automated spambots"... which, coincidentally, has completely FUBAR'd how the user-made LJLogin plugin for Firefox (and by proxy Google Chrome's LJJuggler plugin) work. Their response to the massive outcry on this? "Ain't gonna fix it, how about we give you a new feature for it!"

This resulted in even more outcry of "HOW ABOUT YOU DON'T FUCKING FIX WHAT ISN'T BROKEN", as LJ's tech staff is near-infamous for bringing around new "features" that cripple their servers for spans of a month or more, or that cause Russian DDOS attacks, or all sorts of fun things.

Now, I find it a minor inconvenience at most. There are others out there, folks with millions upon millions of LJRP accounts (Only very slightly exaggerating) who are having heart palpatiations at it. I've heard actual friends, as a matter of fact, propose that 1) "they just give up on RPing" (which I really think is making a minor situation out to be a life-ending ordeal, but again, I don't know how things are in THEIR shoes) and 2) cancel their paid account over it.

That second one gets me. Now, hear me out. I am all for boycotting LJ and their pants-on-head Customer Relations staff. I myself have not given a PENNY to this site, and I've been on it for more than ten years. On the other hand? LJ doesn't do "partial refunds" or any shit like that. If you cancel a paid account, or roll it back into a lesser account, what you're doing is essentially throwing away money. Worse yet, you're LETTING LIVEJOURNAL KEEP IT WITHOUT GIVING YOU ANYTHING IN RETURN.


To put it in the words of a much wiser man, "Hey. Cut it out."
i give up. i can't fucking take this shit any more. i can't take life just deciding it's AOK to pile MORE bullshit onto me.

just so everyone knows, chances are... pretty fucking good that I'm going to completely lose net access sometime Thursday. Dunno when I'll get it back.

So... sorry. To people who like me. Or depend on me ha ha ha ha what am I saying.


It's things like this that make me not sad that humanity will end up killing itself one day, very possibly soon.