Yeah, so:

  • Work was a headache as expected (Seriously, who in their right mind thinks "You know where we should go for Christmas? JACK IN THE BOX. OM NOM NOM TACOS AND CURLY FRIES.")
  • and I was pretty bleh when I came home (two young girls - DeAnna's first daughter/my stepdaughter Cheyenne is visiting as well - making an UTTER MESS of the place with Christmas gifts that DeAnna and I in turn did most of the cleaning up of)
  • plus Christmas dinner is going to be a communal thing with some of the other folks in this hotelcomplex (meaning I have to be social and fuck social)

So I was pretty well prepped to be all HUMBUG for the rest of the day.

Then I find out that DeAnna was plotting something with one of those other folks behind my back and, well.

I has a kittun. And it is d'aww. S'a little grey thing, maybe about two or three weeks old (and me keeping it means it won't get sent to a shelter) and he was basically obtained to fill the void that was left when Pita, my former cat, ran out - something that happened about two months ago now.

I have christened him Whisper (Those who RP with me will recognize the name most likely) and there will be pics as soon as I can get them.

Also, [ profile] mutt12, thanks for the unexpected offer of charity; you and DeAnna have managed to turn a crappy Christmas even given MY horrible track record (usually this tends to be a crap day because I'm expected to be social and fuck being social; see above) into one of the better days I've had in a while.

EDIT: Blurry pictures! The cat is practically a UFO now! (Bonus: You get to see me and Ariana in that second pic, whereas in the first all you see is kitten, bedsheet, and my hideous work shirt)