So, in thinking about what makes Alice tick, I started looking through supplemental material on the Touhou Wiki and I came across a few things I hadn't noticed before, and saw a few connections I... wouldn't have, on my own. As of such, I'm putting them here for my own records, and to share with others.

cut for tl;dr and triggers of death, murder, and fictional suicide )
So. I guess I've started a crossover fic. I'm going to fandom hell, hoorj.

I tried my best to mimic the writing style of Curiosities of Lotus Asia here, though I'm pretty sure I failed spectacularly.

Don't bother with the C&C; I already know this is horrible and it's mostly something I'm putting to text to get it out of my head.

Prologue )
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(If anyone wants the proper status update, it's here.)

Once upon a time, there was an artist.

He wasn't a famous artist, or even successful. Some people claimed to enjoy his work, but there was no chance he would be remembered past his own generation. That didn't much matter, as he was content doing something he loved, and was on his way to being truly happy.

Then, one day, vandals came and ruined his art, his canvases, and his tools. He lost it all.

"A minor problem," he said to himself after his temper had subsided. "I can start anew. After all, the creation is the part I enjoy the most."

He continued for a time... and then a tragic fire took his studio, as well as the use of his hands, which had been mangled beyond repair as he tried to escape with his life.

He was visibly shaken, and admitted to a clinic by those who loved him. Eventually, he started to recover. "After all, I have people who love me dearly; they provide me inspiration." He continued to work, improvising to make up for his shortcomings. All was well for a brief time.

Soon, however, came the debtors. Unable to pay, they took instead his tongue and one leg. Those who tried to help were pushed away... but not before they, too, had their money taken.

Knowing that those that cared for him loved to see his smile, he could not give in to despair, no matter how much he desired to. He could hardly speak, however, and watched as more and more of his friends became unable to cope with the bleakness of his situation. He could communicate, out of sheer desperation, but it was incredibly painful and simply made the losses more obvious to all.

One day, the man stared in the mirror and thought, "I apologize for the sins of all of the world, as I have clearly been sentenced to Hell."

The mirror gave no reply.
Okay, so I opened a can of worms in a thread on SA; I had second thoughts and snipped out what wasn't really important to the point I made out of fear of overreaction, but the whole thing says something I wanted to get off my chest for a while, so here's the unedited bit:

The problem is how to stop the whaling. May I bring up what I myself refer to as the "Whale Wars Problem" - people so focused on the culture of an alien species that they forget about the culture of their own. Japanese whalers are doing a Bad Thing, everyone can agree to that. What environmentalists didn't take into account was that Japanese whaling was actually on a DECLINE before the Sea Shepherd intervention - Japan had realized the same thing America had, and the demand for whale-based goods was ebbing away. Simply put, the problem MAY have fixed itself with time.

However, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has called out those whalers, though, and on American airwaves, at that, if not internationally. Anyone with any knowledge of Japanese society can tell you that they're a violently honor-driven people - reporters held hostage in the Middle East were greeted, as an example, not with relief but with "go away" signs. For a single Japanese whaler to hang up his hat now, after how America has basically thrown their superiority into the ring, would be an enormous dishonor; one that could very likely get him and anyone he was related to not only shamed, but potentially killed. Hell, the single Japanese national on board of a Sea Shepherd ship demands to be left anonymous because she knows that should her identity get out, it will harm her family.

By challenging the whalers on the open seas, the Whale Wars crew has stupidly made things worse with their incompetence; it's now a matter of honor to Japanese whalers, so now they aren't even doing it for profit, they're doing it because some stupid foreigners are telling them they can't.

(Before anyone asks, yes, it is meant as a background story. Meg, Jess, Mii, yes, it IS Wise One, if she was never allowed back. And before anyone says anything, yes, I have been fucked up in the braincage the past day or two.)