DeAnna and Amy just left for Austin, to audition for X-Factor. (Rather, Amy is auditioning, DeAnna is moral support). This has me worried for several reasons.

One, they're basically grazing a tornado; we're getting the southern bands here, and it's not gonna clear up before they reach Austin.

Two, even if everything goes without a hitch, they'll be gone until late Thursday/early Friday.

For the rest of the week, I am the sole person taking care of my daughter and keeping an eye on my father-in-law.

I am scared shitless.

EDIT: Just to clear things up, as comments were already made:
(9:40:40 PM) bahamut725: I'm not holding this against DeAnna
(9:41:12 PM) bahamut725: if one of my friends had basically nobody else believing they could make anything of themselves
(9:41:17 PM) bahamut725: I'd be there for them no matter what, too
(9:41:22 PM) bahamut725: and this was discussed. At length.
(9:41:37 PM) bahamut725: Doesn't make the reality of it any less terrifying.
i give up. i can't fucking take this shit any more. i can't take life just deciding it's AOK to pile MORE bullshit onto me.

just so everyone knows, chances are... pretty fucking good that I'm going to completely lose net access sometime Thursday. Dunno when I'll get it back.

So... sorry. To people who like me. Or depend on me ha ha ha ha what am I saying.
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( Sep. 21st, 2011 04:39 pm)





yes i know that bike lanes would not fix my issue with "my only brakes are the rapidly-deteriorating heels of my shoes"

but it would make it so that Mr. Hummer Driver doesn't get pissed off and lean on his horn because I'm taking up a fraction of a lane in a road with four lanes

apparently a lane and a half to drive his penis-extension isn't enough
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( Sep. 21st, 2011 07:36 am)
So. Remember how I said "crisis averted"? Well, it still is, don't get me wrong.

But that happiness died off REAL QUICK. I'll simplify my tasks and DeAnna's into a single lump itinerary as she's the one who usually deals with bureaucratic bullshit; it's her specialty being a lawyer, but either way, here's a rundown of what happened in my day after that point:

  • Have father-in-law head to doctor to get prescription painkillers. Find out that transportation has taken too long to show up, and then proceeds to DROP HIM OFF, and then proceed to wait FOUR HOURS for him to get home from a THIRTY MINUTE excursion due to Medicare Transport fuckery.
  • Get continually harassed by whom I believe is a freaking addict who previously knew father-in-law, wants to buy said painkillers off of him.
  • After fath-in-law gets home (at about 2:45p, remember this time), call Verizon to pay off outstanding balance. Find out that next month's bill will be $50 MORE and will continue to be that much. Fight constantly with them in order to figure out exactly WHAT these extra charges are coming from, find out that they're from things that we were told were not fee-based (replacing faulty equipment), things we did not intend to sign up for but did anyway due to misplaced button presses (for some reason, they thought we wanted the Cinemax bundle, wtf), things that we thought we needed but no longer do (second phone line, the most understandable thing there).
  • Proceed to yell and scream and curse at Verizon to get the problem fixed. Finally, it's resolved... at 4:15p. Sigh, pull out hair for being on the phone for an hour and a half, try to get online to actually PAY bill since somehow that whole thing got tangled up in so much bullshit.
  • Scream.
  • Find out that the online billpay won't let us PAY bills for some braindead reason. (Turns out later that we needed to clear our cookies, HRRRRRR.) Call Verizon and waste ANOTHER half hour.
  • Thank whatever deities exist that we're finally done with Verizon.
  • Realize we need to get groceries. Get on bike with oppressively standard-sized backpack, bike to store. Make two trips due to backpacks really not being designed to be used in grocery delivery. Curse the fact that society expects ALL CARS, ALL THE TIME.
  • Do best to not get run over despite the fact that brakes on bike do not work and motorists think you're an OBSTACLE instead of a LIVING BEING.
  • Come home, forget about actually eating, crash at first possible opportunity for almost twelve hours.

So... yes. So much rage. Enough so that I'm going to be setting up a few new tags to quantify my hate.

Those of you familiar with Touhou and/or Japanese folklore might recognize Kaguya-hime's five impossible tasks. Well, I've got my own set.

Impossible Request #1: Deal with Verizon Customer Support
Impossible Request #2: Work at Jack In The Box (Renamed from the old "Jack in the Bfish" tag, and will not so much be used now that I have left that shithole)
Impossible Request #3: Raise Children (renamed from "Children are Demons" tag)
Impossible Request #4: Survive Texas Roads and Motorists
Impossible Request #5: Endure Texas summer heat

Kaguya would be proud. I'm just livid.