Have you ever had that one really bad day where everything went wrong and you just got yelled at for a bunch of stuff you didn't do?

Have you ever had that day, every day, for your entire life?

Owlboy is a game about mistakes. Day to day goof-ups, being framed for the crimes of others, having to suffer the sins of the fathers, or even your ancestors. Owlboy is a game about trying your hardest to make up for those mistakes, no matter how many times you get knocked down. Owlboy is a game about never giving up even when you make mistakes.

Owlboy is a game about the world being very large, and about mistakes sometimes not being fixable. After all, the world is very large. You might be little more than a casualty in somebody else's mistake, and they would never know. Or maybe they do know, but don't care. Maybe someone else is a casualty in your mistakes.

Owlboy is a game about freedom. You can fly, the laws of gravity and linear movement don't apply. Owlboy is a game about lacking freedom; you're still confined in a two-dimensional space, and sometimes it feels like you're marching to an inevitable mistake, and yet there's no way to go but forward.

Owlboy is a game about juggling. In fact, I very originally joked around by calling it a "juggling simulator". You can fly, and you can roll and spin around, but you're not very good at defending yourself. That's where your friends come in handy; you can pick them up (along with flying, you're very good at grabbing things) and they shoot enemies for you. One has a weak but efficient peashooter, one has a blunderbuss that destroys most things in one hit but takes a long time to recharge, and one pretends they're Spider-Man. The shoulder buttons cycle through your friends, which is awkward since you use the other shoulder buttons (usually called the "trigger buttons" on XBox controllers) to pick up things and also shoot things. This led to a fair bit of trouble when I just wanted to grab a delicious, health-restoring fruit and ended up with someone clinging tenaciously to me.

Owlboy is a game about mistakes. There is one segment where you have to ride a giant, angry rock snake through a self-destructing cave. Pressing up on the control pad makes you veer upwards, pressing down on the control pad makes you veer downwards. This is, however, relative to the snake's perspective, and the screen is in fact constantly rotating your viewpoint - literally constantly near the end, in fact. This segment, and this segment alone, I felt was an enormous mistake on the part of the developers.

Owlboy is a game about being forgiven for mistakes. Both in narrative, and in gameplay, in fact - death won't set you back more than a minute or two each time, and even though you're relatively fragile (you are a bird person, after all, hollow skeleton etc) it's easy enough to avoid taking damage most of the time.

Owlboy is a beautiful game. Seriously, they spent nine years on this and it shows; the spritework is downright gorgeous, the music fits the mood perfectly (even if I'm not a fan - I prefer more bloopy music over the orchestral cinematic style). I don't know if I'd say it's worth $25 dollars, but that's because I have to be frugal with my funds. It was definitely worth the $13 I paid a friend paid to gift it to me via Humble Bundle, though.

Owlboy is a game, but it is not a mistake.
Okay, so no more than an hour ago I mentioned that "flash games off a website" felt like dirty pool for completion's sake. This game is a textbook example of why.

If any of you have played Half-Minute Hero, I want you to envision that. Now remove the timelimit/gimmick. Remove the overworld. Abstract the equipment to simple stat-boosts. Make it all battle, all the time.

That's Loot Hero DX.

Hold right. Plow through enemies. If enemies are too tough, alternate left and right to plow through more enemies to buy upgrades and level up. Kill boss at end of stage. Repeat 9 times to "win" and move on to the next cycle. Later cycles you don't even need to play every stage, just what you can clear comfortably in order to power up enough to beat stage 9*loop.

I beat the game in about ten minutes. I got 18/20 achievements in an hour. The last two achievements would probably take me a few more hours at most, since they're "reach Lv100" and "clear 10 loops", respectively.

This was not worth $2.99. This probably wasn't even worth the buck I likely got it off of IndieGala for. I'd feel minorly cheated out of my time if it were a free game on a website.


I know I was looking for something easier and faster to clear to try to play catch up, but I think this was maybe too easy, definitely too fast. I feel weird about even including this, but it technically falls under the guidelines to count.
So in case people haven't been following me on Plurk (understandable, it's a niche-ass social media site with no real userbase outside of the Dreamwidth journal RP community) as of early March I've taken up a 52-in-52 challenge.

What's that? It means I want to beat 52 games in a year, an average of one game a week. Since I started in early March, that means I already was lagging behind, and still technically am. However, inspired by [personal profile] xyzzysqrl's own journal entries, I've decided to at least put my thoughts to words here about the games I beat, and maybe the ones that beat me.

However, that means I have a catch-up to do, which is half the reason this entry exists. The other half is to put in writing somewhere exactly what rules I'm putting up.


1) The goal is to clear 52 games in 1 year, or 52 weeks.
This is obvious, and failure to do so is failure of the challenge. Failing the challenge means I feel bad about not being able to commit to anything. Ideally, I would want to finish on December 31, 2017, but since I started late, I would accept finishing before March 8, 2018.

2) The games beaten must be games I have not beaten before.
Equally obvious - otherwise I could get this just by running FF5 a whole bunch (like I intend to this summer, the same way I do every Four Job Fiesta).

3) In addition, they must be games I actually own, or games I have formerly owned.
I'm sure I could get through this super easy by just downloading a bunch of GBA/DS shovelware and trooping through it, but not only would that not be fun, it also wouldn't help clear out my backlog. The "Formerly Owned" addendum is for games that I've had and wanted to beat, but due to having to resell games for emergency money, cannot play hard versions of (For example, Spyro on the PSX, or my most recent clear).

3a) Single games on a compilation are counted if they meet all other requirements.
This isn't as helpful as it seems since most retro games are actually really hard and/or unfun! But I'll count them.

3b) Episodic games (ex. most Telltale games) must have all episodes cleared to count.
Consider it a balancing factor for the first addendum. It's not too relevant.

4) Cheating to bypass difficulty is forbidden.
Another obvious one. It's not a challenge if I can just save-edit or CheatEngine my way to victory.

4a) On a per-case basis, using non-cheat external assistance to bypass tedium is allowable. Said exploitation must be noted.
Less obvious - basically, if I'm frustrated with an adventure game, I could spend five hours rubbing everything on everything else, or I could just read a damn guide. Same goes with using Virtual Console savestates to bypass a lack of saving. However, it's still a game "defeating" me on its own terms, which should be admitted to, for the sake of fairness.

5) Games must require some conscious input or controllable factor.
For clarification, Heavy Rain (if I owned it) would be acceptable, but a visual novel without any player agency would not. Basically, if I can complete it by setting it to "automatically progress text" and walking away for several hours, it doesn't count as a "game" for the purposes of this challenge, no matter how good Umineko and Higurashi are.

6) After this point, a game must be talked about, however briefly, to count.
I want to give people something to read, plus I want to make sure I actually have the ability to focus and put my thoughts to words still. It's important to me.

7) (edited addition, as inquired by [personal profile] xyzzysqrl) A game must be standalone and feature-complete to count.
That probably requires a bit of explanation. Xyzzy's actual wording was "Freeware/fan games and such", which falls into several categories on its own. Free games made in, say, RPGMaker or Game Maker (think original Cave Story) would count. Fan-games would count if they reached a 1.0 state and are considered "complete". I ain't playing Pokemon Uranium for this. Likewise, Early Access games are out of the pool. Flash games on Kongregate or Newgrounds or so on do NOT count, that seems like dirty pool. Finally, romhacks are right out; if I wanted to tally Link To The Past Randomizer or Aria of Sorrow Randomizer runs, again, there's little to no point of doing this.

With that said, a rundown of what I've cleared thusfar, along with a brief decompression of my thoughts on said games!

Under the cut, of course. )

Anyway, I'm caught up on what I've cleared thus far, so hopefully I'll be able to go into more detail as I clear from here on out!


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(Journals I want to make but haven't, yet)
Alphys (Near-Genocide AU)
Rasmussen (FFTA2 OC)
Twenty minutes ago, I came home with the daily groceries, put them away, loaded dirty dishes in the dishwasher and took out the trash all while my daughters, 9 and 16, sat in the living room watching a movie and didn't even glance my way past thanking me for getting them lunch. In other words, it was the same thing I do every day, just like always. Except now, in the back of my mind, memento mori rings clear. The reason for that goes back twelve hours: last night, there was an altercation in my apartment between my father-in-law, my spouse, and myself. It escalated to him calling the police on me for assault... and ended in him being taken away, in handcuffs, in the back of a squad car. They told us it was an outstanding warrant - others in the family say he had been talking just the other day about Failure to Appear In Court - but they also told us they, the City of Farmers Branch, would be pressing charges of family violence on him for what transpired.

Were we not locked in an abusive situation, I would be ecstatic about this news, and part of me still somewhat feels that way. Good riddance, that part of my brain says. He has taken our hospitality and used it to treat us like his personal slaves for five years, in a situation where he can do no wrong and anyone who says otherwise is the scum of the earth. Unfortunately, abusive situations always have a lock, a trap. A dead man's switch, if you would, where if the abuser is removed from a situation, everyone he interacted with is harmed. DeAnna, my spouse, was his stay-at-home caretaker, which meant his Medicaid was paying her income. If he is out of the picture, we not only lose the $600 contribution he made monthly to bills and rent, we lose over half of DeAnna's working wages. She only makes approximately $1000 a month in wages and can't find another job due to her newly-developed seizures (roughly one every two weeks, semi- but not completely predictable, for the last ten months) making it impossible to safely be alone or do labor for any span of time. If her abuser, one of her two clients, is out of the picture, we lose another $600 to $700 a month in her wages. I receive a $730 disability stipend every month due to my social anxiety and bipolar leaving me unable to cope in society, and her uncle - her other client - makes roughly the same due to being physically disabled and unable to walk more than a few feet at a time.

We could normally manage, even in this worst of times. We would ask for assistance, friends both in-person and online would do their best to help, and we would cut back as much as we could. It's not as tight a fit as it seems, considering losing the $600 contribution from my father-in-law would also mean we lose the $400+ deficit from his cigarette addiction which, to him, eclipses even the need for food or shelter. The problem, however, comes at the end of the next month.

On July 31st, the lease on our apartment expires. Most leases require you to have proof of income equal to or greater than double your rent in order for you to sign. Our rent is $1205 a month... and our household income, should the worst come to pass, would be $1700-1800 a month. I am mentally disabled, Steve is physically disabled, DeAnna has a condition that makes it a significant risk to herself and others for her to work. Even were she to get in a situation where Social Security would consider her a case for disability herself, there's not enough time for bureaucracy to work through its red tape and help.

There are three outcomes to this situation that I can see:

  • DeAnna's father is returned here with a slap on the wrist and a stern talking to. This is the best option financially, but the worst option emotionally. We wouldn't be in a hopeless situation... but the thought that it will happen again, far more permanently, will hang over us until it comes to pass once more. In addition, I have no doubts that he will hold this incident against me and against DeAnna if he was at all lucid during the incident, and will only abuse us harder should he be returned to the household.
  • DeAnna's father, while in custody, shows just how unstable and unwell he is, and gets taken to the locak psychiatric hospital. This is the best option emotionally, as it potentially allows everyone a chance to heal and recover... but it and the next option both leave us in dire straits where we may end up homeless in two months' time.
  • The worst comes to pass and DeAnna's father is either incarcerated or harmed due to his own recklessness and bullishness. This actually has no worse effects on the household than the last option, but it would strain on DeAnna's already fragile mental state more and could actually worsen whatever is causing her seizures. She and I already blame ourselves for what happened, as abuse victims often do.

I'm not asking for help here. I don't know what help we need, or even how to receive it. I'm not asking you to keep me in your prayers, as I came to terms with the fact long ago that, if there is a God that actually has power over this world, I and my family are forsaken by that God.

I just wanted to tell people about my situation. That way, if on August 1st, 2015, I'm no longer around... well, everyone knows why. That way, while I'm having an unending anxiety breakdown over the last few months and feel like the world is crumbling beneath my fingers, people know what caused it.

Thank you for reading this; if you have, know that you are one of the most important people in my life, and I love you like family. And I'm sorry, if I've ever hurt any of you.
Once again I find myself deeply embroiled in a Situation. Those who know me know that I try my best not to ask for help unless a sincere financial crisis arises, and even then I try to keep it to my closest friends.

This time I'm sending out a public call for help and encourage any and all spreading of the word. That should hint at the severity of things.

For those who don't know me or haven't talked to me in a while, here's our situation as it stands. I am on Social Security due to disability, as are my father-in-law and uncle-in-law. I can care for myself, but the other two require a caretaker. It's my wife's job to be their caretaker. It's part-time, but it along with the SSI stipends pay the bills... barely. The four of us - plus my two daughters - live together in what is now a three-bedroom apartment. I say "now" because that's where the problem started.

See, the complex we were formerly at sent out a general eviction notice - the entire complex needed to be cleared out by the end of September. As of such, even if we were looking for a new place, we were no longer provided the luxury of choice or preparation. The last month has been spent in a general haze of panic, and we finally moved yesterday... and promptly proceeded to get bled dry, financially.

Ignoring the increase in rent at the new place (which was planned for), the moving company that had worked with us proceeded to stiff us (assumedly? We don't have a receipt. It's being investigated now but this is a more immediate issue) and, more importantly, we lost a great deal of furniture in the move due to being utterly infested with bedbugs. Fortunately, many of those items were covered by insurance, but not all of them were. More importantly, combined with the first issue, we have basically no money left.

Normally I would let it roll off my back for now - our family's food stamps hit on the 5th and I'm used to living on the cheap - but our pantries are bare, we still need to get items to help prevent future bedbug reinfestations (on order of the new complex, which, let's be honest, I can't blame them), we don't have the money to pay mid-month bills, and on top of everything else, Time Warner is screwing us around with installing the phone and internet at the new apartment, which would not normally be a problem except my wife needs a land-line in order to clock in for her job. Which is to say, in order to get paid. (I'm currently typing this at a public library, to answer that.)

I need help. Any and all help, from any and all sources. I don't have much to give, admittedly - if you want to commission me for something writing-based, I would offer my services there, but I have no visual art skills to speak of. That means that anything we got would basically be donating to someone who needs help. I'm not sure how much we'll need - $400 seems like it would help get us by, but we also need to replace things that were broken, infested, or we just didn't have before now.

As has been done before, if you want to help, you can paypal money to me at katarani@gmail.com or wire it via Western Union - we have ways of getting the money immediately in either case. In addition, I've set up a GoFundMe, since the site was brought to my attention a few weeks ago and yes, I need the help that badly currently. If you can't help, then don't feel bad - just spread the word, keep me and my family in your well-wishes, and do your best to live your life better than this. (Do not end up like me, is what I am saying.)

EDIT: Due to current issues with getting WePay to work, money sent through GoFundMe will be inaccessible until I can get permission to link it to a bank account and/or get a bank account. All of our finances are currently managed through direct pay cards and Paypal, so this is the first time we've needed a bank to manage anything. This means that while I will still be able to make use of donations there (and am tracking donation progress), it will not be immediately of help.

EDIT 2: Thank those of you that have helped already; I hit the $400 that was needed for absolute essentials already, so anything from here on out is just help working things into such a place that I won't ever need to ask for help like this again. (There are a number of added expenses and soon-to-be-delinquent bills that will rack up quickly if not managed, and there's a few quality-of-life items we need to replace - laundry hampers, pillows and the like.)

Thank you for your time.
There's been a bit of a falling-out within the family, recently. The details aren't important to this post, really, save for one thing: as a result of this falling-out, the household no longer has any motorized transportation whatsoever, and we had planned on using said automobile access to sell Girl Scout Cookies for my daughter's troop. As a result:

We've got a surplus of cookies and no way to sell them. The Girl Scouts of America won't take cookies back after they've been delivered, and payment - in full - is expected by the 18th of this month. It's a deficit of roughly $650 because we assumed we would have a car with which to, you know, go places and we do not.

As of such, I am offering cookies for sale over the internets! If the girl scouts haven't arrived in your area, or don't arrive in your area (several varieties of cookies are regional, and this may be a good chance to get them if you live in an area where they aren't carried), I will gladly offer my cookies to you!

Due to shipping costs, I'm selling at $6 a box, or $5 a box if you purchase more than 10 in a single order. Those who are interested and live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area can get further discounts if they're willing to pick up in-person. In addition, if you want to buy a full case (12 boxes) or more, we can discuss payment details. Purchasing in bulk is vastly preferred, as USPS's shipping starts at $5 per parcel, meaning it's cheaper to ship 3 or 4 boxes at once than individually.

International shipping is available, but need to be managed on an individual basis.

If you're interested, you can contact me by replying to this entry, by contacting me on Plurk ([plurk.com profile] kataranisword), on AIM (Bahamut725) or by email (katarani @ gmail).

Here's our current stock on hand:

Thin Mints: 2 Boxes available (21 boxes reserved)
Samoas: 1 Box available (13 boxes reserved)
Tagalongs (chocolate-covered peanut butter patties): 12 Boxes available (9 boxes reserved)
Do-Si-Dos (peanut butter sandwich cookies): 16 Boxes available (3 boxes reserved)
Trefoils (shortbread cookies): 13 Boxes available (2 boxes reserved)
Dulce de Leche (caramel chip cookies): 8 Boxes available (9 boxes reserved)
Thank U Berry Munch (cranberry and white fudge chip cookies): 0 Boxes available (8 boxes reserved)
Savannah Smiles (lemon wedge cookies): 0 Boxes available (2 boxes reserved)

Allergy information: All the cookies contain wheat, milk, and soy products, and may contain tree nuts. The Tagalongs and Do-Si-Dos contain peanuts, and Samoas contain coconut.
So, in thinking about what makes Alice tick, I started looking through supplemental material on the Touhou Wiki and I came across a few things I hadn't noticed before, and saw a few connections I... wouldn't have, on my own. As of such, I'm putting them here for my own records, and to share with others.

cut for tl;dr and triggers of death, murder, and fictional suicide )
I'll make this simple. I need money. The usual caveats apply (I can't do anything with Paypal because my account's been frozen since 2007, so any money sent would have to be Western Union), but the long and short of it is:

I just... DeAnna got stiffed on her paycheck, and while that is being fixed on her next paycheck (meaning I can actually reimburse payment this time), we have almost literally no food.

Ariana's got stuff to last her a few more days, but even she doesn't have enough to last the week.

So yeah. I'm kind of in a bad situation. If anyone at all is able or willing to help, reply to this or send me a message on my usual contact methods...?
swordianmaster: fluttershy looking especially creepy (it's always the quiet ones)
( Jul. 15th, 2012 05:16 pm)
So. It's pretty damn clear by now that Wigglytuff isn't working for me, and I'm probably going to drop him from the game as soon as I finish this post (and possibly finish dinner). However, I love the concept of the game, and WANT to play in it.

Which leaves me wondering who I could app as his replacement. Got a few thoughts on the matter, and I'm gonna brainstorm below. (Probably gonna link this on Plurk, too, for the people I RP with to give their opinions.)

Beat (The World Ends With You): Originally my first choice for Wiggly's replacement, I've put him through a test drive at Ink City and... well. It's kind of a weird case. The character is there, the muse is there... but the voice is screwy. I keep catching myself having to change words in tags, I can't really THINK like he speaks, and word choice screws me up. He's still gonna stick around IC, but I think having him in two games might be a little much.

Twilight Sparkle (MLP: FiM): The absolute flip-side of the coin. The voice is strong, but I've been self-doubting myself ever since the whole anti-formers soapboxing incident. Konran could be what I need to solidify the muse again... but it could also totally wreck my enthusiasm for playing her altogether. I'm also not sure how she'd deal with the setting; she hates things she can't explain and has enough problems with that in IC. Maybe I just want this for the thought of seeing HER try to psychoanalyze the NPC doctors instead of the other way around.

Princess Luna (MLP: FiM): We aren't quite certain that there is enough chronicled knowledge on this pony, but we appear to have gotten her voice loud and clear. Alas, we fear that her manner of speech may... cause others to dislike her and forsake her. As well, there is the messy business of thinking up a user name and gathering icons.

Yukari Yakumo (Touhou Project): My strongest Touhou muse, and the one I'm thinking about sending to [community profile] itsjustagamerp. However, one must be careful with the settings she's put in; I don't think, given the headcanon I have for her, she would particularly enjoy the thought of being a human after so many years, and she CERTAINLY won't be fond of the depowering. It MAY just be enough to cause her to go silent.

Sakuya Izayoi (Touhou Project): One of my ancient muses from the days I originally played Wigglytuff. Despite the muse's interest in going somewhere, there's two problems. One, I'm not sure she won't do the same thing as Wigglytuff did and be active just long enough for me to get in the door and immediately die off, and two, she's so headcanoned and alt-interpreted (She actually EMOTES! what is this witchcraft) that she might as well be AU.

Others: I'd give an Archie Sonic muse a try, but that would involve hunting down the last three or so years of the comic to canon review, since I've been out of the fandom THAT LONG. I have a budding (hah, floral puns) PMD:E Grovyle muse, but after how Wigglytuff flopped, I don't want to dip into the same fandom twice. I could try another Touhou, but very few of them really 'click' with me, and Remilia kinda fell into the same trap in Ink City that Sakuya would've - I hardly feel like I'm playing her right, but nobody in the game could tell me since I was all but literally the lone canon warrior.
For all the Derpygates and the clop pics and the cupcakes

you get things like PONIES The Anthology, and BOTH abridged serieses.

(You're a toymaker's creation/trapped inside a crystal ball♪)

Anyway, faith in the pony fandom: MINORLY restored. Rock on, vidmakers.
I wanted to apologize for how I acted to, well, just about everyone this last week. For those who don't know, my laptop charger broke so I was functionally left without a computer.

I did not take it well, and turned into a raging hosebeast.

This wasn't really just about the computer, not exactly... most of the folks who watch this journal know that I've got rapid-cycling Bipolar II, severe anxiety problems, and anger management issues. The crux there? I've been off my medication for more than a year. Now that I'm on SSI, I can get the assistance I need in order to get it again, but before a few weeks ago I wasn't able to. And.. you know... funny thing about depression: When you have it, you don't have the motivation to do what's needed to help the depression. It's like a muddy hole you can't QUITE crawl out of.

The tl;dr of this all is simple. Even as soon as last Sunday (when I first found out about the laptop problem) I said a bunch of things that I didn't quite mean, out of anger or panic.

I apologize to any and all I may have hurt in that time, and wanted to reassure you all that steps are being taken to try to prevent such panic attacks in the future.

Thank you for your time.
(6:16:09 PM) [personal profile] swordianmaster: Anyway, going back to our original point, you're right. S2 has lost a LOT of internal continuity.
(6:17:33 PM) [personal profile] swordianmaster: Especially when it comes to Rainbow Dash, who seems to bounce back and forth between popularity-obsessed pseudojock to slightly tomboyish coolkid.
(6:17:53 PM) [personal profile] swordianmaster: Sometimes multiple times in an episode.
(6:19:22 PM) [personal profile] swordianmaster: The CMC stuff has gone from being endearing to forced - I understand needing a younger perspective, but "maybe we'll get our cutie marks!" is basically a pony-based way of saying "We're doing this because the plot says we have to!"
(6:22:27 PM) [personal profile] swordianmaster: Pinkie has remained consistent insofar that she operates almost solely on Rule Of Funny, even when she's more serious, but what HASN'T remained consistent is that others - particularly Twilight - are starting to edge in on her territory, be it intentionally (the CMCs in the VDay ep) or unintentionally (Twilight's antics in Lesson Zero and It's About Time, which are painfully Genre Blind to a point Twilight never is otherwise)
(6:22:52 PM) [personal profile] swordianmaster: Hence my "the show is cartoonier now" claim.
(6:24:50 PM) [personal profile] swordianmaster: The Flim Flam ep was a high point, Read It and Weep has introduced my favorite one-shot secondary character even if it was basically a blatant expy, and Hurricane Fluttershy is probably one of the most /relatable/ narratives about its subject matter I've ever seen
(6:25:18 PM) [personal profile] swordianmaster: But past those three? Yeah, S2 is as a whole mostly weaker than S1, ESPECIALLY if you take the Discord eps as technically part of S1 like some claim they were meant to be.
my little persona
i used to wonder what shadows could be
until you all said "no, this isn't me!"

I am a psycho. )

DeAnna and Amy just left for Austin, to audition for X-Factor. (Rather, Amy is auditioning, DeAnna is moral support). This has me worried for several reasons.

One, they're basically grazing a tornado; we're getting the southern bands here, and it's not gonna clear up before they reach Austin.

Two, even if everything goes without a hitch, they'll be gone until late Thursday/early Friday.

For the rest of the week, I am the sole person taking care of my daughter and keeping an eye on my father-in-law.

I am scared shitless.

EDIT: Just to clear things up, as comments were already made:
(9:40:40 PM) bahamut725: I'm not holding this against DeAnna
(9:41:12 PM) bahamut725: if one of my friends had basically nobody else believing they could make anything of themselves
(9:41:17 PM) bahamut725: I'd be there for them no matter what, too
(9:41:22 PM) bahamut725: and this was discussed. At length.
(9:41:37 PM) bahamut725: Doesn't make the reality of it any less terrifying.
So. I guess I've started a crossover fic. I'm going to fandom hell, hoorj.

I tried my best to mimic the writing style of Curiosities of Lotus Asia here, though I'm pretty sure I failed spectacularly.

Don't bother with the C&C; I already know this is horrible and it's mostly something I'm putting to text to get it out of my head.

Prologue )
father in law is getting increasingly abusive, his addiction to painkillers is getting further and further out of control, and it may hit the point where we have to tell him to go fuck himself, even though he's pretty much the only reason we can still get bills paid

so, uh
hooray potential homelessness

But, oh hey! Let's look at the bright side! I have an interview Friday! For a full-time job that would pretty much systematically ruin the rest of my free time, make it so that I pretty much never see my daughter again (It's 3 PM-Midnight, and my daughter doesn't get home from school until about 3:15p)... and did I mention it was full-time when even a 20 hour job was enough to make me explosively violent and ruin any sort of connections I have with any of my friends, as well as enough to give me suicidal tendencies?
swordianmaster: fjsal style mew (LOL POKEMANS)
( Mar. 4th, 2012 12:28 pm)
devil survivor 2 has come out for the ds

and there's a fan project started to translate shining force feather

i'm just gonna be over here making squee noises
So. Those of you who listen to me talk about Touhou music are probably well-aware of the love/hate relationship I have with IOSYS, arguably the largest (and certainly one of the most productive) Touhou dojin-circles out there. I have a small number of songs I absolutely adore by them, a large number I hate, and then a few outliers that I either hate lyrically but love musically (Convictor Yamaxanadu) or hate altogether but CAN'T GET OUT OF MY HEAD (Marisa etc. etc Precious Thing, FOE).

Well, I snagged a few albums in order to get some songs I do like (Convictor Yamaxanadu, Border of Death) and in listening to the other songs on said albums, I've come to a realization about why.

I love IOSYS when they're being serious. Technically, they're superb; they've got a good grasp of musical theory, how to properly 'construct' a song. A few of the vocalists they use have fantastic voices - 3L, the vocalist for Border of Death, stands as the shining example of them knowing exactly how to pick a voice to suit a song.

The problem is, IOSYS isn't serious any more. Their niche has been found, and it's in joke-vocals. Marisa Stole The Precious Thing was, thanks to its disgustingly earwormy qualities, was their first break-out hit; and after that, more and more of their songs/lyrics became jokey and less pleasant. The fact that their MAIN vocalist, miko, is like a chipmunk on acid, just adds to that factor.

I'm never quite sure if IOSYS makes the characterizations and the rest of the fandom picks up on it, or the other way around - I'm pretty sure Boob Envy!Shikieiki was around before Convictor Yamaxanadu, but I have no way of knowing if Marisa Stole etc. was the origin of Failice. It sure SEEMS that way, though, considering the song is basically one giant handbook on How To Poorly Bastardize Alice Margatroid, with a bonus chapter on Oontz Oontz.

That said, Touhou Otome Bayashi, their second album (aka the album that introduced Marisa/Thing) is really an example of how damn good they are. Out of four vocal tracks, they hit a 50/50 ratio (Marisa Stole is an obvious case of suck, and Keine's Drawing Song is probably the most painful vocals I've ever heard on a Plain Asia mix ever, but Border of Death is fantastic and Special Ability to Sneak Out etc. actually sounds like it would fit in nicely with a Katamari soundtrack, to its benefit) but then you realize that it's a twelve-track album - there's seven and a half tracks there (Mainly to Manipulate The Floor has typical techno vocals that don't really have any focus, think Daft Punkish) that show off their strengths with nonvocal stuff.

If you're the type to go for Touhou albums, give it a try sometime; it's a very hit-and-miss album, but the hits more than make up for the misses. Just don't expect later IOSYS albums to be your thing unless you really like Marisa Stole The Precious Thing.


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