Every week, the iOS App Store showcases a "Free App of the Week", an app that they offer at a 100% discount if you get it during that week only. I've had good luck with this showcase before, given that it's how I was introduced to crunchy but minimalist FEZ-like Monument Valley, so I make a point to grab anything that halfway looks interesting there.

This week was a little fidget-game called klocki. Apparently, it's only about a buck normally, given that there's also a version of it on Steam that looks identical, as well as a vastly pared down version on Kongregate. It's weird to be giving kudos to a game I could play for free on a flash game site, but it's nice, for how light and casual a puzzle game it is.

Klocki is a game about creating unbroken lines. You swap tiles around, slide them, rotate them (all depending on the type of tile, of course) and make sure every line has a beginning and end, or forms a closed loop. Don't leave any dangling ends. Sometimes, there will be more than one color of line you have to keep connected, or shapes you have to form out of indistinct blobs. Other times, you'll have to isolate black squares to make them pinpoints. As the levels go on, you'll have to do all of these in a single stage, while trying to figure out exactly what Pipe Dream-esque path they expect you to create.

It's a very relaxing game, but also a very short game. I'd ballpark there being around 60-70 levels in total, and no indication you've cleared them all - the levels just loop around from the beginning. (Other versions have a single achievement to helpfully indicate you're done, it appears.) It's not really worth much more than it's asking, but it's not asking much at all. It's definitely worth a look if you need something low-stress to toy around with when your brain is cluttered up.
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