"I had a dream. They overwrote my soul with a digital copy. They thought no one would know. And they were right."

Super Win The Game is not so much about winning, or being super. It is definitely a game, though. Kind of Zelda 2-ish, but with none of the jank that Zelda 2 had. All you do is jump in various ways (sometimes double jump, sometimes wall jump, but always jump). There's not even a run button.

It's not masocore like most single-button games; there's no Meat Boy difficulty or anything. It's more about exploring, collecting macguffins, and figuring out where to go. I did end up falling back to online maps trying to get 100%, but then I had three gems I missed and I couldn't be assed to go back and search every single area just to see where I missed some.

There's some sort of plot in the background that seems like a metaphor for something else, kind of like in things like Braid or other ~artsy~ indie games like that. It's not important, ultimately. There's a more obvious plot of "the king is a spooky skeleton, recover his heart pieces and make him not spooky any more" but it's incredibly simplistic.

I'd been looking for a good, crunchy, casual romp for a while, and SWTG scratched that itch. Probably won't do anything more once I'm bothered to 100% it, though.


(6:08:54 PM) Sword: /gets 100% completion, forgets to go get the trigger for the achievement for it, ends up wiping save to get missable thing right at beginning of game
(6:08:57 PM) Sword: ehhhhfuckit.
(6:09:09 PM) Sword: I'm counting that as 100% completion. :T
(6:10:45 PM) Sword: I have to admit! I regret some things.
(6:11:05 PM) Sword: "this isn't masocore", I said, right before doing the optional side content that turns into the less pleasant side of VVVVVV.
(6:14:27 PM) Sword: Like, literally, there is one set of screens that is essentially "do the first half of Veni Vidi Vici" and it's like ahahahah fuck yoooouuuuu
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